Your email address will not be published. Its deeper face should work great for golfers who struggle with mishits high and low, as it provides ample real estate for vertical misses. The CB Pro was clearly the longest of the three, mostly due to its lower spin rate, but it was also the least forgiving because of its more forward CG and smaller club head size. Order was determined by number of top players using the shaft, and ties were broken by combined ranking of players using that shaft. Zak Kozuchowski Jan 17, at 2: It seems to give off a more compact feeling to me, and makes it easier to line things up. Probably the most remarkable for us is the number of pros who have bought our unit to use with or instead of some of the more expensive putting systems out there…each professional will have their own reason.

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Review: Tour Edge Exotics XCG7, XCG7 Beta and CB Pro Fairway Woods

Equipment 3 weeks ago. With in-depth xfg7 from their testing, GolfWRX Members illuminate the pros and cons of each fairway wood, providing the real information you need when making xcg7 beta purchasing decisions. This xcg7 beta not be the perfect club for all golfers. Below are the results.

The first round with the XCG7 Beta in play I betz as if the accuracy and control would come with a slight sacrifice in distance. Man, xcg7 beta new fairway woods are amazing.

The CB Pro also has its own unique feel. The ball comes off the face hot and straight. The waves on the sole xcg7 beta push the ground away from the face, making it feel like the ball is teed up at impact.

And much like with putters, xcg7 beta another player switches to a new driver shaft and finds success, other golfers take notice. I can draw, fade, hook, slice, everything really easily with this club. But for higher-handicap golfers, who are likely the target audience for the XCG7, straight is xcg7 beta good thing.

Sizzling ball flight produces some bombs; on the long side—the xcg7 beta I hit a bad shot with the XCG7. Hamish Jan 19, xcg7 beta MPLefty December 18, – 7: Free agent Grand Slam? Your email address will not be published. Better-Player Fairway Woods Price: Thus, we have Members Choice: Order was xcg7 beta by number of top players using the shaft, and ties were broken by combined ranking of players using that shaft.

Jason Kunze Jason is a busy husband and father of 2 daughters who are both just starting to take up the game that he has loved for years.

Tour Edge XCG7 Beta Fairway Metal Review | Hooked On Golf Blog

First off, it has a very traditional black glossy crown with no graphics. Closing thoughts I began this testing opportunity pleasantly surprised with the looks of the driver and that continued with each test bera I xcg7 beta the XCG7 Beta through. Now, the F2 cubic centimeters is the larger, higher-launching and more forgiving model, while the F3 cubic centimeters is smaller, betta and more workable.

I was actually worried about this, as in years past TaylorMade has sold a TP line of fairway xcg7 beta, which have a more open face angle than standard models. The XCG7 has a forged maraging steel cup face that xcg7 beta combo-brazed to a hyper-steel body.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Review – The Hackers Paradise

All three of these fairway woods have the potential to produce driver-like ball speeds. The stability and rope is 2 X better…insane good!!!

For years, Xcg7 beta has been dcg7 by leading custom fitters that Tour Edge Exotics TEE fairways woods are some of the best-performing, if not the best-performing fairway woods in their stores.

I find xcg7 beta hard to imagine the face being open 3 degrees at such a widely used loft xcg7 beta. Published 2 years ago on Jun 18, Variable xcg thickness technology offers multiple levels of thickness that maximize the spring-like effect from more points on the face, especially in the xcg7 beta and toe areas. Normally I hit drives that go xcg7 beta to a slight draw but on the seventh hole of my home course you definitely need to hit a cut from the tee so as not to run through the fairway into trees.

Equipment 1 week ago. That might have to do with the fact that in bdta stock configuration is it